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24 May 2020 Is God's Love Steadfast?David McCarthy
Sermons and Media
Length:0 minute
Reference:Lamentations 3
Lamentations 3
Is God's Love Steadfast?Listen Download MP3 Audio
Mike Parker InterviewListen Download MP3 Audio
Video recording of service (link to YouTube)Watch Streaming
21 May 2020 Ascension DayDavid McCarthy
Sermons and Media
Length:18 minutes
Reference:Acts 1:1-11
Online central meeting talk.
Ascension DayListen Download MP3 Audio 17.3MB (18:52)
17 May 2020 When It Feels Like God Is Against Us David McCarthy
Sermons and Media
Length:35 minutes
Reference:Lamentations 2:1-22
The second in a series from Lamentations called Helplessness, Hopelessness & Hope
When it Feels Like God is Against UsListen Download MP3 Audio 29.8MB (35:18)
Video recording of service (link to YouTube)Watch Streaming
Interview with Alex Cole-Hamilton MSPListen Download MP3 Audio 12.8MB (14:01)
10 May 2020 The Broke World and the Holy GodDavid McCarthy
Sermons and Media
Length:28 minutes
Reference:Lamentations 1
The Broke World and the Holy GodListen Download MP3 Audio 26.0MB (28:26)
Interview with Paul and Isolde James-GriffithsListen Download MP3 Audio 15.5MB (16:55)
Video recording of service (link to YouTube)Watch Streaming
3 May 2020 'What God Says to People in Exile'David McCarthy
Sermons and Media
Length:20 minutes
Reference:Jeremiah 29:1-23
The service included an interview with Philip de Grey-Warter, the Rector of Anchor Church in Fowey, Cornwall.
3 May 2020 'What God Says to People in Exile'Listen Download MP3 Audio 18.6MB (20:21)
3 May 2020 'Interview with Philip de Grey-Warter'Listen Download MP3 Audio 6.8MB (07:27)
Watch the video recording of this service on YouTubeOpen Web Link
26 April 2020 The Good ShepherdDavid McCarthy
Sermons and Media
Length:19 minutes
Reference:John 10:1-18
John 10:1-18
Reading & SermonListen Download MP3 Audio 19.6MB (19:27)
Bishop's InterviewListen Download MP3 Audio 12.0MB (12:00)
Fiona Christie's InterviewListen Download MP3 Audio 9.0MB (09:00)
Sunday Service Live StreamWatch Streaming
19 April 2020 Faithful ThomasDavid McCarthy
Sermons and Media
Length:29 minutes
Reference:John 20:19-31
Audio file: reading & sermonListen Download MP3 Audio 27.1MB (29:34)
Video recording of service (link to YouTube)Watch Streaming (1:25:25)
Interview: Focus on the work of carers during Covid 19Listen Download MP3 Audio 12.8MB (14:00)
12 April 2020 Easter DayDavid McCarthy
Sermons and Media
Length:21 minutes
References:Matthew 28:1-10
Matthew 28:16-20
Easter Day Service 2020Listen Download MP3 Audio 20.0MB (21:49)
Live stream recording of Easter Day service 12 Apr 2020 (YouTube)Watch Streaming
10 April 2020 Meditations on Good FridayDavid McCarthy & others
Sermons and Media
Length:0 minute
This event includes video footage from the choir of St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney and Quiz Worx children's ministry.
10 April 2020 A meditation for Good FridayWatch Streaming
9 April 2020 Maundy Thursday MeditationDavid McCarthy
Sermons and Media
Length:38 minutes
Reference:Mark 14:12-26
Easter 2020
Maundy Thursday MeditationListen Download MP3 Audio 35.0MB (38:16)
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