Stephen and Catriona Bennett: Rwanda

Stephen and Catriona Bennett a

We first met in Uganda, where we both spent a year working in healthcare. We got married in 2013, and and lived in Fife while working for the NHS. We were also involved in a local church plant, with Steve leading worship and Catriona being part of the welcome team. While challenging at times, it was an amazing experience to see the church grow and develop. We have also both previously been involved in youth mission and student outreach.We had been awaiting God’s timing for returning to work in Africa, as we have both had a longstanding desire to serve him in this way. When we were looking to see when and where God could best use us, doors opened with Church Mission Society, and their link with Gahini. Our call is to serve God and the people of Eastern Rwanda using our medical skills by providing and developing a sustainable surgical and anaesthetic service.

We work at Gahini Hospital, a large mission hospital serving a rural community in Eastern Rwanda. Steve is a qualified surgeon and Catriona an anaesthetist, and we provide a surgical service, helping to develop safe facilities and training local medical and nursing staff. We hope that by using our medical skills we are able to share God’s love with the people of Rwanda.

Steve works full time, performing surgery, training local doctors and establishing a safe surgical service. Meanwhile, Catriona is working part-time alongside nurse anaesthetists, providing care and helping staff develop their skills in this area. 

We have two daughters: Hannah, born August 2016, and Rachel, born March 2019.

Interview May 2020

An audio recording of Stephen and Catriona's interview for our Sunday service of 31st May 2020 is available by clicking here.

Prayer Letters

Catriona and Stephen's latest prayer letters are available from the Church Mission Society website at:
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