Home Groups @ St T's

Why should I be involved in a home group?

For any church a basic part of healthy relationships comes from her small groups, where people can get to know one another properly, build honest and supportive relationships, and ultimately share their lives together in their Christian faith.

Small groups tend to flourish when they are well-led, spend enough time together for relationships and trust to develop, and are nourished by sharing God’s word and prayers. Therefore in this stage of the church’s life at St Thomas’ we would like to commit ourselves afresh to:-

Provide a pattern for small groups that is flexible, enjoyable and spiritually healthy, based on God’s word, shared prayers and good times together.

It is impossible to build a healthy church without healthy relationships, and healthy Christian relationships and healthy Christians grow best in small groups.

We would encourage you therefore to engage with the suggested pattern in the best way you can for you and your loved ones - and above all - enjoy it!

How do I get involved?

For more information about joining a home group please contact the church office. Our home group coordinators meet regularly with group leaders and can advise you on when groups meet and can point you in the direction of the group that is nearest to you. Please contact Mike and Wendy Carrington  via the church office on churchoffice@saintthomas.org.uk or call on 316 4292.
75-79 Glasgow Road, Edinburgh, EH12 8LJ
Email: churchoffice@saintthomas.org.uk  Phone: 0131 316 4292