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St Thomas’ was constituted in 1844 as an independent chapel within the Anglican Church outside the jurisdiction of the Scottish Episcopal Church. In 1938 the church moved from a city centre location to the western fringes of the city, which have grown rapidly since that date. The church has been served by a series of distinguished clergy throughout its history. Since 1945, our Rectors have been Rev George Duncan, Rev Dr Geoffrey Bromily, Rev Philip Hacking, Rev Gordon Bridger, Rev John Wesson, Rev Dennis Lennon, Rev Mike Parker and Rev Ian Hopkins. Ian Hopkins left to become Associate Rector of St Mark’s, Haydock in July 2013.

Since 1991 the church has been a full member of the Scottish Episcopal Church. Under the ministry of the Rev Dennis Lennon two major church plants took place. In 1985 around seventy members of St Thomas’ moved to St Paul’s and St George’s church in Edinburgh city centre to help to renew that congregation, whose membership had dwindled to under twenty. This followed a series of meetings led by Rev Roger Simpson at St Thomas’; he became the Rector of St Paul’s and St George’s. The renewal of that congregation was a direct consequence of meetings between Dennis Lennon and the then Bishop of Edinburgh, the Right Rev Alistair Haggart. Three years later, another congregation was planted a few miles away at Emmanuel, Clermiston. 

As a consequence of these initiatives St Thomas’ has changed from being a church with a gathered congregation to a more local church mainly, but not exclusively, serving the community of Corstorphine and west Edinburgh (as an Anglican church in Scotland we are, of course, not a “parish”church).

We look forward to the next chapter of our history.
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