World Concern: Income and Expenditure for 2013/14

 During the year to 30th September 2014, St Thomas’ World Concern Group received income of £39,000, and gave away in excess of £40,000 to our mission partners.
Most of the income was received by monthly standing orders, paid directly into the World Concern bank account. In addition, the Fund received £11,000 as one-off donations.
Of the £39,000 income, £21,000 was given to the general “pool”, not having been earmarked for any particular partner. The World Concern Group uses this pool to meet the budget that is to be donated to our mission partners. Last year the World Concern Group met its budget, giving £23,000 to our mission partners from this general pool.
The balance of the Fund’s income came from donors who ask the World Concern Group to pass their donation directly on to a named partner. Last year the World Concern Group passed on to our mission partners £17,000 of these specific donations. Included in that amount was £8,000 which was received from “Far & Wide”, an organisation that knows the Tanners who asked that this donation was passed on to them, which explains why Chas and Jenny received so much more than the original budget of £6,000.
Whether money comes from the general pool or specified gifts, the World Concern Group are aware how much our partners appreciate the support given by St Thomas’. Most of our partners have to support themselves, and without financial support their work would not happen. They frequently write to express their thanks for our part in their work.
The World Concern Group would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in St Thomas’ who contributes to the World Concern Fund. Your donations make it possible for St Thomas’ to be financially involved with world mission.
The figures in this report are detailed in the accompanying table (overleaf). This table also shows the World Concern budget for 2014/15. This year the World Concern Group aim to give at least £23,000 from the Fund’s general pool. If you would like to help to make this possible and you don’t already give to World Concern, please speak to Millar Bogie or Paul Hocking or any other member of the World Concern Group and find how you can get involved.
Thank you.

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